D365UG/CRMUG UK Event 6th of March Dynamics Portals Workshop

Hello team,

This Wednesday the 6th of March I will be attending and presenting at the Dynamics 365 User Group meeting hosted by the London Business School in Central London.

D365UG UK Event 6th of March


The line up of speakers for this event it’s absolutely EPIC, unfortunately the registration is now closed however I will be sharing here the slides after the event.

This time we are planning something a little bit different, not only we want to talk about Dynamics Portals, we want to show you live how to extend them and we WANT YOU to do it with US!

For that reason for those attending my session I have a little bit of homework for you get the most out of the session, but before that let’s clarify who is this session for:


For real, no need to have any experience with Portals, I have divided the session into 3 blocks of 15 minutes that will run as follows:

  • 5 min explanation
  • 5 min demo
  • 5 min for the audience to practice the demo.

The 3 demos will go from beginner level to the final one which is a little bit advanced, however I will share the code in case there is any, and provide a step to step tutorial in order to achieve them.

Unfortunately we won’t have time to talk about how to get a Portal trial which is why I am putting it as homework 😊


  1. Get a Dynamics 365 Trial and a Portal Trial
  2. Get ready to have some FUN!

If you need any help getting the trial ready, I recently did another post on that topic.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!



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